Information for Foreign Residents

July, 2021

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, postponed from last year, will be held this year in spite of ongoing concerns regarding coronavirus. On May 27th the Olympic torch was paraded through Yasu City by a team of eight runners. There is now less than one month before the Olympics begin, but with the new strains of Covid-19 seen to be more infectious, there has been an upward trend in terms of cases. The vaccination programme is progressing, though we must continue to take the same precautionary measures to keep infection levels down.


The situation regarding the Covid-19 vaccination programme

In Yasu City residents over the age of 65 have been receiving their Covid-19 vaccinations at Yasu Hospital. From July 1st Aeon Town Yasu has been added as a vaccination centre. Due to the added facility, most of the residents who were to have completed their vaccine after August, have now been rescheduled to receive their injections earlier, during the month of July. Vaccination Coupons (接種券, sesshuken) will be sent to all residents aged 16-64 from July 1st. The scheduled dates for individuals to receive their vaccination will differ, so please wait until the registration system is open for your age-group before making a reservation.

Vaccination Centers

* Yasu Hospital

*Aeon Town Yasu (The Big Extra Yasu Store)

For more information: Vaccination Promotion Office (588-5007)



Change of date for testing of the Disaster Prevention Public Address System

This system is used at times of emergency in order to relay evacuation information in a timely manner. Until now it was tested at 17:00 on the 17th of each month, but will now be tested on a weekly basis, at 17:00 every Friday. Increasing the opportunities to check the system’s sound will allow us to find any issues at an early stage while also increasing awareness of disaster prevention.


Oide Yasu Market (For Local Products)

Featuring many delicious things from Yasu City! There will be ‘exhibition booths’ as well as ‘experience booths’.

Date: July 3rd (Saturday) and July 4th (Sunday) 10:00~17:00

Location: Heiwado Al Plaza Yasu

For more information: Yasu City Tourism Products Association (587-3710)


The Marine Day ‘Marine Sports Festival’

Date: July 22nd (National Holiday) 10:00~12:30 *Cancelled in case of inclement weather

Location: Chuzu B&G (In front of the Marine Centre Boathouse), Maiami Beach

Eligibility: Anyone up to a capacity of 100 people *Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Schedule: A chance to try many marine sports such as canoeing, yachting, dragon boats, and windsurfing

Fee: 300 yen (This covers damage insurance)

Application deadline: July 10th (Saturday)

For more information: The office of the Yasu City Sports Association (589-3381)


For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)  

Information translated up to one year prior is displayed below. Please note that this information is out of date. 

Information for Foreign Residents

June, 2021


The state of emergency declared in our neighbouring prefecture of Kyoto was extended until May 31st, and has now been further extended until June 20th. With mutant strains of the coronavirus taking hold, there has been no decrease in the number of infected in Shiga. Yasu City’s vaccination programme began on May 20th, but until the vaccine has been provided to a sufficient number of the population, we must continue to take measures to prevent infection. It is challenging for us all, but let’s try our best to take precautions and stop the spread of Covid-19.


The Covid-19 Vaccination Program

From May 25th, the reservation system for the vaccine was open again for those who will be 65 years old or over during the course of this year. When reserving your vaccine, please book both the first and second injections together.

Vaccination Site: Municipal Yasu Hospital, Outpatients Floor (L1)

Call Centre: Tel ①0570-200-698  ②Extension 077-586-0022

(Open 9:00 a.m ~ 5:00 p.m)

Reservation Homepage:

For more information, please contact the Vaccination Promotion Office (Tel 588-5007, E-mail



The First Lifelong Learning College

Enjoy learning about local history, culture and health, and see the results of your study disseminated across the area.

Date: June 26th (Saturday) 10:00 a.m ~ midday (reception from 9:30 a.m)

Location: Yasu Library Main Hall

Eligibility: All welcome, up to 50 participants

Content: Lecture (regarding the initiatives of the Gio Town Development Promotion Council)

Fee: Free-of-charge

For more information, or to apply: Lifelong Learning and Sports Division (Tel 587-6063) (Please apply by June 24th)


National Monitoring of Illegal Dumping Week

This week runs from May 30th (go-mi zero no hi, English: No Garbage Day) to June 5th (Environment Day)

If found guilty of illegal dumping, punishments include imprisonment for less than 5 years, and a fine of up to 10 million yen. In order to discover cases of illegal dumping at an early stage, or prevent it from happening in the first place, in Yasu City ‘Illegal Dumping Monitors’ make regular patrols, and our Clean Patrol Corps work to collect illegally disposed of items.
Let’s all work together to keep our city a clean and pleasant place to live.


​11th Annual New Sports Challenge: Enrolling Participants Now!

Date: June 26th (Saturday) 9:00 a.m ~ midday

Location: General Gymnasium (総合体育館, sougou taiikukan)

Eligibility: All elementary school age or over, up to a limit of 70 participants (elementary school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)

Content: Try new sports. Sports include ‘Throwing Bingo’, ‘Igo Ball’, ‘Goro Ping Pong’, ‘Curolling’, and ‘Boccia’.

To bring: Gym shoes, Drink

Fee: 200 yen per person (Includes accident insurance)

For more information, or to apply: Lifelong Learning and Sports Division (Tel 587-6053) (Please apply by June 18th)



Yasu Marukajiri Week 2021

This event will be held among 29 restaurants in the Yasu Station area. Recipes which make use of locally sourced vegetables and fish will be prepared specially for the event. Restaurants offering take-out are participating, so please do come and try the special dishes on offer.

Duration: June 7th (Monday) ~ June 11th (Friday)

*For more details regarding participating restaurants, please check the event leaflet or the homepage of the Yasu City Commercial and Industrial Association (野洲市商工会, yasushi shoukoukai)


For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)  

Information for Foreign Residents
May, 2021


There are signs that the fourth wave of Covid-19 has come, and as of April 23rd our neighbouring prefecture of Kyoto has been put into emergency measures for the third time. There has also been an increase in numbers of those infected by Covid-19 in Shiga, and as the vaccine has yet to be fully rolled out, we must take more care than ever to avoid spreading the virus. Please continue to wear masks, avoid eating in large groups, and make every effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


The Current Situation of the Covid-19 Vaccine


Current Circumstances and Restarting the Vaccine Program

On March 31st, vaccination tickets (接種券, sesshuken) were sent to those eligible (i.e. those who are 65 or over during the course of this year), however as openings in May reached capacity, reservations were temporarily stopped. With great apologies the city request that those hoping to receive a vaccine should wait a little longer. Once the city has scheduled the resupply of the vaccine, reservations will be taken again. Information on restarting the vaccine program will be given on the city homepage, the reservation site, and through individual notifications.

Call Centre: TEL 0570-200-698 (9 a.m.~5 p.m.)

Reservation Site:

Please direct any questions to the Vaccine Promotion Office (TEL 588-5007) (Email



2020 Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay

A date for last year’s postponed torch relay has been set, so please do come and show your support. There will also be a live broadcast on the day so please take the chance to watch it.

Date: May 27th (Thursday) 11:23 a.m. ~ 11:51 a.m.

Location: START The road in front of Community Centre Kitano​

Plan: Over the 1600m stretch of road, 8 runners will pass the torch between eight individual sections.

How to watch: Spectators can watch from the side of the course.


Collection Sites for Small Electrical Goods or Goods Containing Mercury

There are three collection sites put in pace by Yasu City where you can dispose of such goods free of charge. These collection boxes are at the main building of Yasu City Hall, the Northern Government Building (北部合同庁舎, hokubu goudouchousha), and the main building of Yasu City Library. On this date there will be a focus on the free-of-charge collection of small sized electronic goods which are too big to fit into the collection boxes.  

Date: May 16th (Sunday) 9 a.m. ~ noon

Location: Yasu Clean Centre

Goods for Collection: Small-size electrical goods or goods containing mercury which Yasu households wish to dispose of.

N.B.: There are some types of goods such as television sets or air conditioning units which are not accepted.

Please direct any questions to the Environment Division (TEL 587-6003)


National Disaster Information Transmission Test


This test will be conducted on May 19th (Wednesday) at approximately 11 a.m.

In preparation for cases such as earthquakes, tsunamis or military attack, a transmission test will be carried out. This test will use the national instant alarm system, J Alert. Outside of Yasu City a variety of methods may be used to carry out such tests.

Please direct any questions to the Crisis Management Division (TEL 587-6089)


For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)


Information for Foreign Residents
April, 2021



The Cherry Blossom season has arrived. With the Spring weather, more people will be venturing outside but as the Covid situation continues, please be sure to take the usual precautionary measures. Please continue to avoid unnecessary outings and group dining with large numbers of people. Let’s make a mutual effort to overcome the coronavirus crisis.


The Covid-19 Vaccination Programme will Begin

Vaccines will be given to those who wish to receive one. Starting with those 65 or over during the year 2021, vaccinations will be given sequentially.

Eligibility: Those registered as residents of Yasu City (At this time vaccines will be offered to residents aged 16 or over).

Vaccination Period: Will begin from May 10th (Monday) (Possible delays may occur due to supply issues)

*For more details, please consult the city homepage or call centre.

Vaccination Centre: Yasu Hospital

Number of Injections: 2 (In principle, the second vaccine will be given three weeks later on the same weekday)

Vaccination Cost: Free-of-charge

Vaccination Coupons: Those who are 65 or over during the year 2021 will be sent coupons on March 31st. Other residents will be sent their coupons to reserve a vaccine from June.

Vaccination Procedure: You must reserve your vaccine. Please reserve through the reservation website or call centre more than 5 days before the date on which you wish to receive the vaccine.

Call Centre: TEL 0570-200-698 (9 a.m.~5 p.m.)

Reservation Website:


Postponement/ Cancellation of Large-Scale Events


13th Annual ‘Yasumaru Hiroba 2021’ (Originally scheduled for June 6th, the event will be postponed until the Autumn)

Yasu Fireworks Contest

Oktoberfest Yasu Jazz Festival

Community Centre Mikami Reopened for Use

The air-conditioning system has been refurbished, and rooms at the centre can now be rented for use again.

Reopening Date: April 2nd (Friday)

For more information, please call the community centre (TEL 586-5234) (Not open on Wednesdays, Thursdays or National Holidays) or the city’s Planning and Development Division (TEL 587-6039)


Free Exchange of Small-Sized Household Items

-A Permanent Event of Clean Centre-

Duration: April 1st (Thursday)~September 30th (Thursday) 9 a.m.~4 p.m. (Not open during lunch hour or on weekends)

Location: Yasu Clean Centre 1st Floor Exhibition Space

Eligible Items: Small-sized household items (Things that have been disposed of as oversized waste but are thought to still be of possible use to someone)

Eligibility; Residents of Yasu City

*Please bring home any items that you wish for by yourself

For more information, please contact the office of the Environmental Planning and Promotion Council (TEL 587-6003)

Event Information from the Yasu City Health and Sports Centre

Bathing Facility Event: ‘Hinoki Yu’

Duration: April 26th (Monday)~May 9th (Sunday)

Monday to Saturday: 10 a.m.~8 p.m. (Not including Tuesdays)

Sundays, National Holidays: 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m.

‘Hinoki Yu’ refers to the water of a bath that has been constructed from the wood of the Cypress tree. You can enjoy the scent of this tree while bathing in the bath.


For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents

March, 2021

Spring is getting closer. On February 28th the emergency measures in the Kinki region were lifted. The alert level in Shiga has also subsequently been lowered. However, the spread of Covid-19 is continuing, so please be sure not to let your guard down. Take all the usual precautionary measures, and refrain from dining together in large groups. With a joint effort we can keep the spread of the virus low.

Covid-19 Vaccinations

We are now able to prepare for the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccine for residents who wish to receive it. Once a detailed schedule has been established, ‘Vaccine Coupons’ (接種券、sesshuken) and relevant information will be sent.

Eligibility: All residents of Yasu (We will inform pregnant women and children regarding the vaccine once information has been clarified by the government). The vaccinations are expected to be scheduled as follows:

  1. Medical workers

  2. The elderly (Those who will be 65 or over during the course of this year)

  3. Those with underlying health-conditions or who work in facilities for the elderly

  4. All other residents

*As a matter of course, only registered residents will receive the vaccine.

Number of injections: Twice per person (as currently planned)

Cost: Free-of-charge

Location: A ‘General Guidance for Covid-19 Vaccinations Website’ will be established where you can check facilities providing vaccinations.

Vaccination procedure: Reserve a preferred date and time for your vaccination by phone or on the internet.

*If you wish to discuss anything related to vaccine reservations, please wait until after you have received your ‘Vaccine Coupon’.

For more details, please contact the Vaccination Promotion Office (TEL 588-1788,


Art of the Agricultural Goods of Yasu

There will be a sale of local agricultural wholefood produce, as well as snacks made with locally produced ingredients.

Date: March 6th (Saturday) 11:00~14:00

Location: Yasu Library Main Building

Open to all.

For more information, please contact the office of the Oide Yasu Association (TEL 587-6004)


Consultations for Foreign Residents

A video interpreting service will be available for those who are not comfortable using Japanese. No reservation is necessary so please feel free to come at any time for a consultation. Please note that we cannot give consultations by phone.

Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Nepalese, Hindi, Russian, Indonesian.

For more details, please contact the Planning and Coordination Division (TEL 587-6039)


For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents

February, 2021


The prefectures surrounding Shiga Prefecture have been placed into emergency measures due to the worsening coronavirus situation. This situation appears likely to continue for some time, so please don’t let your guard down. Avoid unnecessary outings, and make an effort to take the precautionary measures of wearing a mask, disinfecting hands and gargling.


City Prefectural Tax Returns and Final Tax Returns to Begin

Declaration Period: February 16th (Tuesday) ~ March 15th (Monday)

The tax declaration is based on an annual calculation. Those who are duty-bound to declare their taxes, or those who will are eligible to receive an income tax rebate should submit the various documents and finish their tax declaration within the designated period.

Please direct any questions to the Tax Division (587-6040)


Support Measures related to Covid-19

Reduction in the base-rate of water fees

The base-rate for water fees of all people contracted to the water supply will be exempt for two months from this February. The exemption will be taken from the pay-slip automatically so there is no need to apply. Please be aware that sewerage fees are not represented by this measure.
Please direct any questions to the Water and Sewage Division (589-6433)


Single-Parent Households, the Application Period for Special Benefits is until February 26th (Friday)!

If you are eligible please be sure to apply before the deadline.
For more details, please check the city homepage.

For more information or to apply, please contact the Parental Support Division (587-6884)


A National Test will be Conducted for the Transmission of Information in the Case of a Disaster

This test will be carried out on October 7th at 11 a.m. In the case of an earthquake, tsunami or armed attack on the country, The J-Alert system will be used in order to disseminate information. To prepare for such an occurrence, this test will be conducted.

Please direct any questions to the Crisis Management Division (587-6089)


Attention! The Handling of Public Money will be Changed

The Mitsubishi UFJ Bank has changed its system of handling public money, and from March 31st you will not be able to pay public fees at that chain of bank by payment slip. Bank transfers will continue to operate as normal.
Please direct any questions to the Accounting Division (587-6042)


For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents

January, 2021


2021 has begun. The coronavirus crisis, far from abating, is becoming increasingly serious. Please join the effort to reduce transmission of the virus, by avoiding dinner parties and meetings where large numbers of people meet in confined spaces.

Have you been using Yasu City’s Premium Shopping Vouchers?

The deadline for using the vouchers is January 31st. Following that date, the vouchers cannot be used, so please be sure to use them before the end of the month.

Exhibition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Relay Torch
To allow people to engage with sports and to make a success of the Olympic Games, the relay torch is being given an exhibition tour. Seeing the real thing up-close is a rare and valuable opportunity. Please come and view Sakura Gold and Sakura Pink, the two beautiful torches of the games.
Date: January 25th (Monday)~ January 29th (Friday)   8:30 a.m~5:15 p.m
Location: Yasu City Hall (1st Floor Lobby of the Main Building)
Please direct any queries to the Lifelong Learning and Sports Division (587-6053)


The Yasu Ekimae Bar 2021
Centered on 31 establishments around the station, the Yasu Ekimae Bar will be held. In this event, tickets are sold which can be redeemed in the various bars and restaurants. People can enjoy walking around and sampling various offerings. For the duration of the event, “Bar Tickets” can be used at participating businesses which will allow you to enjoy items specially made for the event (dishes made with locally sourced vegetables). There will also be establishments offering takeout.
Duration: February 8th (Monday)~February 12th (Friday)

Participating businesses: 31 establishments in the station area.
*Please check the event homepage or leaflet for more information.

Sale of Tickets: “Bar Tickets” will be sold as a book of 4 tickets.

Presale books will be 3,000 yen. Same-day books will be 3,500 yen.

*Presale books will go on sale from January 25th (Monday)

*Tickets which are left over from the event, can be used at the “after bar” (February 13th~28th) where tickets can be redeemed at participating establishments (single tickets can be used to the amount of 750 yen).

*In the case that the event is cancelled due to the worsening coronavirus situation, full refunds will be given.


Family Sports Day

Please come and enjoy playing sports at the beautiful natural setting of Big Lake.
Date: January 9th (Saturday) 1 p.m~4 p.m (Last entry at 3:30 p.m)

Location: Yasu River Historical Park Soccer Ground C Court (natural grass)

Participation fee: Free-of-charge
*children of elementary school age or younger must be accompanied by an adult.


For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents

December, 2020


As the maple leaves are falling from the trees, we can see that the end of year is approaching. A third wave of Covid-19 has appeared, and the situation around the virus is as serious as ever. Please continue to look after your health by taking the usual precautions to prevent infection.


A new mayor is in office
Chosen in the election of October 18th, Mr. Susumu Kayaki was appointed the new mayor of Yasu on November 2nd. His tenure will run from October 31st, 2020 until October 30th, 2024. Mr. Itsushi Kawaguchi has been appointed vice mayor.


Yasu City’s e-mail delivery service has been renewed

In order to give residents important information related to natural disasters or suspicious persons, the city of Yasu runs an e-mail delivery service. This latest update to the service allows for information to be given through the LINE application. Those who wish to newly apply should follow the procedures at the following link.
https// (on PC or smartphone)


Information regarding a subsidy for social insurance

Fees paid for National Health Insurance, Long-term Care Insurance, Elderly Medical Care Insurance, or National Pension can be declared as a deduction of social insurance fees when completing final tax returns.

Please direct questions to the following departments:

Tax and Utility Billing and Collection Division (587-6013) (relating to National Health Insurance)
Senior Welfare Division (587-6074) (relating to Long-term Care Insurance)
Health and Pension Division (587-6081) (relating to Elderly Medical Care Insurance)
Kusatsu Pension Office (567-2220), City Health and Pension Division (587-6081) (relating to National Pension Insurance)

The “Yasumaru Hiroba 2020 Panel Exhibition” will be held

 In support of the organisations that continue to work hard across the city, this panel exhibition will be held. Please do attend if you can.
Date: December 5th (Sat) ~ December 17th (Thur) 10:00a.m~6:00p.m

Location: Yasu Library Main Building Gallery

The 13th Annual Yasumaru Hiroba 2021 will be held on June 6th, 2021

The Yasumaru Hiroba is an event that aims to promote community work through local groups and organisations, and let people enjoy various activities. It will be held on June 6th next year. Please do participate in the planning and managing the event. Both groups and individuals are very welcome to join.
For questions or to apply, please contact the Yasumaru Hiroba Executive Committee (589-6430) by January 15th (Fri), 2021.


Event Information for the Yasu City Health and Sports Center

Bathing Facility Event (Yuzuyu)

Date: December 7th (Mon) ~ December 20th (Sun) *Tuesdays are holidays


Pool Event (Pool Athletics)

Date: December 27th (Sun) 1p.m ~ 4p.m

Eligible: Pool users

*elementary and junior high school students will receive coupons for use of the heated pool. Please use these.
*A lifeguard is in place, but children younger than ES 3rd grade must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


For more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents
(November, 2020)

The Autumn leaves have arrived. It will get colder and colder from now on, so be sure to take care of your health. Rather than improving, there is a trend towards an increase in cases of Covid-19. With the flu season also here now, please take the usual precautions to lessen your chances of becoming ill.


Support measures related to the spread of Covid-19

Living Support for those recuperating or in quarantine at home

~Food shopping services etc.~

For those recuperating at home from Covid-19, and without relatives who are able to offer support, the city will do shopping for essential items such as food and medicine for you.

Eligible:  ①Those who have been instructed to recuperate or wait at home by the health authorities.

             ②Those who fulfil the criteria of ① and have difficulty in receiving support from relatives etc.

For more details, please contact the Citizen’s Advice Center (587-6063)


Local Products are being sold at the Yasu City Health and Sports Center!

Next to Yasu Clean Center, the Yasu Health and Sports Center was opened in July. There are a heated pool, a training gym, and bathing facilities at the center, as well as a shop selling special local products. Please do take a look.
Opening times: 10:00~20:00 (Except Tuesdays)


14th Nordic Walking Event

Won’t you join us on a Nordic walk to appreciate this beautiful season?

Time: 23rd November (9:30~12:30) *Cancelled in case of rain

Location: Omifuji Karyoku Park and Kibogaoka Cultural Park Walking Course

(Reception: 9:10am at the park’s botanical garden)

Eligible: Anyone, to a limit of 50 participants (children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)

Fee: 200 yen per person (this includes insurance)

*The walking poles can be borrowed free-of-charge

For more details, or to apply, please contact the Lifelong Sports and Learning Division by November 19th (587-6053)


Kansai Cultural Day
Entry to all museums in the region will be made free to all.

November 14th (Saturday) and 15th (Sunday)

Yasu City Bronze Bell Museum will be open on those days from 9:00~17:00 (last entry at 16:30)


Family Sports Day

Won’t you come and enjoy playing sports in the beautiful nature of Big Lake?

Time: November 14th (Saturday) 13:00~16:00 (Last entry at 15:50) *Cancelled in case of rain

Location: Soccer ground C Court (natural grass)

Fee: Free-of-charge (No pre-booking necessary)

Children under junior high school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
All sports equipment can be borrowed free of charge.


Yasu Market will be held

An exhibition of Yasu City’s local products will be held. There will be booths for enjoying and experiencing the autumn season, as well as exhibition spaces, and much more. Shops that represent the charm of Yasu will be gathering for this event, so please do try and come.
Time: November 14th (Saturday) and 15th (Sunday) 10:00~17:00
Location: Al Plaza Yasu 1st Floor Centre Court

Fee: Free-of-charge (no pre-booking necessary)

For more details, please contact the Yasu City Tourism and Products Association


For more information or assistance with any the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents,

October, 2020


The heat of summer has gone, and we can feel a fresh breeze once again. As the seasons change, please be especially careful of your physical condition. This coming season will bring influenza to the already spreading coronavirus, so let’s continue with our efforts to reduce virus transmission.


Support measures related to the spread of the novel coronavirus
A Special One-off Grant for Children will be Paid

Based on the drawn-out influence of coronavirus in our city, in order to support families raising children, this grant will be given. A notification will be sent to families who are eligible.
Amount of Grant: 10,000yen per each child.
For more information please contact the Family Support Division (TEL: 587-6884)


The incinerator at Yasu Clean Centre was forced to make an emergency stop

On 28th July, due to the large amount of metal materials mixed into the burnable waste, incinerator no.2 came to an emergency stop. To prevent a repeat of this kind of event, please be sure to separate your waste correctly.


Financial support for the influenza vaccination

In order to keep the spread of both Covid-19 and seasonal flu to a minimum, support for the payment of influenza vaccinations will be given.

​Eligible persons:

  1. Those who will take the flu vaccine for elderly people (this year the vaccination will cost only 500yen)

  2. Those who are pregnant (1000yen subsidy per person)

  3. Children at or below junior high school age

    0~12 (1000yen subsidy per injection; up to two injections)

    13~15 (1000yen subsidy per person; only for one injection)


A national test will be conducted for the transmission of information in the case of a disaster
This test will be carried out on October 7th at 11 a.m. In the case of an earthquake, tsunami or armed attack on the country, The J-Alert system will be used in order to disseminate information. To prepare for such an occurrence, this test will be conducted.


Yasu Environment Festival 2020

Time: November 1st (Sunday) 9 a.m.~noon

Location: Yasu Clean Centre

This event is aimed at all residents of Yasu City.

-Reusable goods free exchange (Expected goods: chests of drawers, furniture such as desks, bags, etc.)

Please apply to join between 10:00 and 10:30. The exchange will take place after this application time.

*There will be an explanation before the exchange so participants should gather before 10 o’clock.

- Free collection of small electrical goods and goods containing mercury (such as thermometers).

*Be aware that there are some goods not eligible for collection

- A panel exhibition and showing of the Clean Centre DVD.

- For waffles, drinks and special produce, please go to the Yasu Sports and Fitness Centre.

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact YIFA (586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents

September, 2020


The record temperatures of last month are set to continue even into September. The typhoon season is also approaching, so on top of measures to prevent heatstroke and to slow the spread of covid-19, we must also prepare ourselves to deal with possible natural disasters.


The second wave...  Support measures related to the spread of covid-19

☆Living support for Yasu citizens☆

Special maintenance grant for newborn children (新生児特別定額給付金, shinseiji tokubetsu teigaku kyuufukin) (General Affairs Division: 587-6038)

Amount: 100,000 yen per person (for children born between 28/04/2020 and 28/02/2021)

Temporary special maintenance grant for children (児童臨時特別給付金, jidou rinji tokubetsu kyuufukin) (Parental Support Division: 587-6884)

This is financial support for households which contain children under the age of 18.

Amount: 10,000 yen per child (not including recipients of the child maintenance grant for June, 2020)

Living support for those exempt or paying reduced national insurance (国保税等減免連携型生活支援給付金, kokuhozeinado genmenrenkeigata seikatsu shien kyuufukin) (Living Support for City Residents Division: 587-6063)

This is financial support for people who have received a reduction or exemption of payment of national health insurance in the year 2020.
Amount: 30,000 yen per person.


Project to purchase ‘AI Drill’ learning materials for home study (School Education Division: 587-6017)

Project to help ES and JHS students to be able to use the heated pool (Sports Facilities Management Office: 587-3477)

Numbers distributed: ES, JHS/ two visits *parents of ES 1st~3rd grade students/ one visit at half price

Project for free school lunches during the summer season (School Lunch Centre: 586-1011)

Simple school lunches will be provided free-of-charge during the shortened summer holiday.

A national census will be undertaken for the year 2020

This census is aimed at all people residing in Japan, including foreign residents. Regardless of where your residency is registered, the survey will gather information as to where you actually live as of October 1st of this year.

Reopening of the General Sports Gym Training Room

Closed until the end of August, the training room will reopen on September 1st.


Regular: 400 yen   HS or JHS students: 200 yen     Elderly: 100 yen     Disabled: free

Regulations of use for first-time users

  1. Those who hold a permit: Please renew your card.

  2. New customers: After completing the user training (cost: 500 yen), we will issue your permit card.

For any queries: Sports Facilities Management Office (587-3477) http://yasu-bs/jp

The 17th Annual Yasu City Fine Art Exhibition

This event exhibits the creative works of the people of Yasu City. This exhibition is being held to allow for an appreciation of art and to help people deepen their engagement with culture. Please do take the chance to visit the exhibition.


September 5th (Saturday)~ September 13th (Sunday)   10 a.m.~4 p.m.


Yasu Small Cultural Theatre


Painting, Engraving, Crafts, Calligraphy, Photography

Entry Fee

free-of charge

For any queries: Continuing Education and Sports Division (587-6053)

For more details or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL: 586-3106)


Information for Foreign Residents

August, 2020


The rainy season is over now and the heat of summer has arrived. The continuing increase in cases of Covid means we all need to wear masks, so please be extra careful not to get heatstroke in this hot season.


The Opening of the Yasu Health and Sports Center

Located next to the Yasu Clean Center, this facility newly opened on July 15th. The center contains a sports gym, a heated pool and bathing facilities. We hope you will use the center to maintain your physical and mental health.


Information Regarding the Sale of Yasu City Premium Goods Tickets

By using these premium goods tickets (premiamu tsuki shouhinken, プレミアム付商品券), you can purchase 5,000-yen’s worth of goods for a cost of 4,000 yen (up to a limit of five 4000-yen tickets per household). These tickets are both kind to your household finances, while also allowing us to support local businesses. A notification postcard (tsuuchi hagaki, 通知はがき) allowing the purchase of tickets will be sent to heads of households registered as residents of Yasu City in mid-August.

A Peace Panel Exhibition will be held

In August of 1945 nuclear bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Please use this exhibition as a way of thinking again about the misery of war and the preciousness of peace.

Date: August 1st (Saturday) ~ August 16th (Sunday)10 a.m ~ 6 p.m

Location: Yasu Library, Main Gallery


Nationwide Test for the Transmission of News in the Case of a Disaster

This is a test of the J-Alert system, which allows for the transmission of urgent news in the case of a disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, or armed attack. The next test will be run on August 5th (Wednesday) from around 11 a.m. Tests will be carried out using various means of transmission in Yasu and other regions.

As well as the test noted above, tests are also scheduled for the following dates:

Wednesday, October 7th (11 a.m~)

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 (11 a.m~)


Regarding the Disposal of Spray Cans

The method of disposal for spray cans does differ between districts, but in the city of Yasu, it is necessary to use up all the contents and make a hole in the side of the can.

  1. If you are releasing gas, please be sure to do so outside.

  2. If you are releasing gas, please be sure to use the specialist equipment.

  3. Dispose of spray cans on ‘empty can/ metals’ (akikan・kinzokurui, 空き缶・金属類) day

For more details on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL: 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents

July, 2020


The rainy season has arrived.

There has been an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19. Please continue your efforts to prevent the spread of infection.


Measures to support citizens during the period of Covid-19

National Programmes (Contact the General Affairs Division: 518-1650)

*Special Benefit

Amount of support: 100,000 yen per person

Application window: Until 19th August

Eligibility: Those registered as residents of Yasu City on the date of April 27th, 2020.

*Special Benefit for Families with children (Parental Support Division: 587-6884)

Amount of support: 10,000 yen per each child

Eligibility: Parents who received the child maintenance payment from April, 2020


City Programmes (Contact the City Residents Help Desk: 587-6063)

*Support for recipients of the child rearing allowance (jido fuyo teate, 児童扶養手当) or support for school-going children (shugaku enjohi, 就学援助費) (30,000 yen per household, plus 10,000 yen per each eligible child)

*Benefits accompanying the special welfare fund (seikatsu fukushi shikin tokurei kyuufu, 生活福祉資金特例給付) (30,000 yen per household)

*Support for the security of housing is available according to the amount of housing benefits received (up to 3 months)

*Support for university students (30,000 yen)


The Grand Opening of the Yasu City Health and Sports Centre


6th July (Monday)~13th July (Monday): Tours of the facility/ Procedures for new members

9th July (Thursday)~10th July (Friday): Pre-opening free invitations to the facility (2-group system)

Group 1 9:00~noon, Group 2 18:00~21:00

9th: Residents of Yasu, Shinohara, Hyouzu school districts

10th: Residents of Kitano, Giou, Mikami, Nakasato school districts

15th July (Wednesday): Grand Opening


You can now have an Original Commemorative Photograph taken at City Hall!

At the photo booth located at the entrance of the main building of the city hall, you can have an original commemorative photograph taken for 100 yen. Please do use this service for special occasions.


Prevention of Heatstroke Month

In summertime many people suffer from heatstroke. Every year across the country, around 50,000 people require support from the rescue services due to heatstroke.

Especially this year, as we follow precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we will enter summertime in an environment different to usual. Please take extra care to avoid heatstroke in these circumstances.

To prevent heatstroke

  1. Avoid the heat

  2. Remove your mask as appropriate

  3. Take plenty of fluids

  4. Regulate your health condition

  5. Maintain a strong physical condition to be able to deal with the heat

*Particular care is necessary for small children and the elderly.


From July 1st plastic carrier bags will incur a fee

Take this opportunity to review your lifestyle and take to using an eco-bag. Where possible, try to be mindful of your use of plastics.

For more details on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL: 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents

June, 2020


Avoid the three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings) and let’s prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Notice of the Cancellation of Large-Scale Events

The following annual events will be cancelled this year as a measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19.​

12th Annual Yasumaru Hiroba festival (scheduled for June 7th)

Yasu Fireworks Contest (scheduled for July 11th)

Oktoberfest Yasu JAZZ UP! (scheduled for September 19th and 20th)

Notice of the Temporary Cancellation of Collection of Old Cloth (kofurui, 古布類)

Due to Covid-19, import restrictions have arisen among countries where Japanese recycled cloth is exported to. Due to this situation, such materials have built up domestically, and from this month, until circumstances change, old cloth (including towels etc.) will not be collected separately from household waste.


Routes of the Community Buses will be Expanded for Greater Convenience

As the Yasu City Health and Sports Center will open in July, community bus routes will be expanded and operating routes and timetables will be changed. At the end of June, leaflets will be sent to all homes and placed in public facilities. The information will also be published on the city homepage.

Yasu City Hospital will begin Dispatching Health Information

As measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have been undertaken, circumstances have made it difficult to visit different regions. However, on order to support everyone’s health management, Yasu Hospital is publishing information regularly in public newsletters and on the hospital homepage.

A Notice from Yasu City Health and Sports Center

Advance applications for ‘Swimming Members’ or ‘Fitness Members’ are being accepted.

Date: June 5th and 6th (10:00 a.m.~5:00p.m.)

Location: Yasu City Gym

Contact: Yasu City Health and Sports Center Preparation for Opening Office

Phone: 596-5964Homepage:

June is Prevention of Landslide Disasters Month

In the coming months the danger of landslides will increase due to rainy season and typhoons. Please prepare yourself adequately by finding out the dangerous areas and evacuation spots.

Used Cooking Oil is Collected on the Fourth Saturday of each Month

Next Collection Date: June 27th (10:00a.m.~p.m.)

Collection Location: The box located next to Yasu City Hall Annex

Items for Collection: Used cooking oil, milk cartons, aluminium cans

Contact: Environment Division (Phone: 587-6003)

Information for Foreign Residents
May, 2020

The warm feeling of Spring has arrived.

Regarding the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay
Following the postponement of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Torch Relay originally scheduled in Yasu for May 28th has also been postponed. 


Regarding the Citizen Card
Following the discontinuance of the automatic issue machines from September, 2019, the Citizen Card (市民カード, shimin card) has come to be known as the Inkan Registration Card (印鑑登録カード, inkan touroku card). From now on, if you or someone on your behalf brings that card to the Citizen’s Affairs Division at City Hall, you can receive your Certificate of Inkan Registration (印鑑登録証明書, inkan touroku shoumeisho).


Regarding the Free Collection of Small Electrical Items and Waste Containing Mercury
Date: May 17th (Sunday) 9 a.m.~midday
Location: Yasu Clean Centre
Eligibility: Residents of Yasu City
Items taken: Small electrical waste and waste containing mercury
Nb. TV sets and air-conditioner units are not accepted. Please erase all personal data beforehand.


May is Flood Prevention Month
In rainy season or with typhoons, the water level of local rivers can suddenly rise and lead to the submerging of roads. Take necessary precautions by checking the Yasu City Flood Hazard Map, knowing the location of evacuation sites and the methods of receiving disaster prevention information.


Regarding Events in May
Please be aware that, to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, many group events and activities have been postponed or cancelled this month.


Information for Foreign Residents

April, 2020


The cherry blossom season has arrived. The year of 2020 will begin from April.


A Request to Prevent the Infection of the Novel Coronavirus​

- Washing hands is very important. On going out or returning home, before and after cooking, and before eating, be sure to wash hands thoroughly with soap, or an alcohol-based disinfectant.

- If you have a cough, please show the necessary etiquette.

- If you have symptoms of both a cough and high fever, stay home from work and avoid going outdoors.

*It is said that one infected person may infect many others. Take measures to avoid poorly ventilated places for events and such.

*If you have the following symptoms, don’t go to your regular medical clinic. Consult with the Returnee and Contact Person Centre (kikokusha・sesshokusha soudan sentaa, 帰国者・接触者相談センター)

- cold symptoms or a fever of over 37.5℃ that last for more than four days.

- Heavy fatigue or difficulty breathing

A fire occurred in a rubbish collection truck!

On February 7th, in the Hyozu ward, the loading section of a rubbish truck was set alight. The cause is thought to have been a discarded cigarette butt. When disposing of cigarettes, please be sure that they have been distinguished completely. Please always follow the rules of waste disposal correctly.


This year we will again hold the following events!

The Yasu Fireworks Display

Date: 11/07 (Saturday)

Place: Hasuike no Sato Multi-purpose Park

The Oktoberfest Jazz Festival

Date: 19/09 (Saturday) and 20/09 (Sunday)

Place: The south exit area of JR Yasu Station.


The Kusatsu River Park has become a no-smoking zone

From April 1st all areas of the park will become completely smoke free. Thank you for your cooperation.


Information for Foreign Residents

March, 2020


March 1st to March 7th is “Vaccination of Children Week”

Through building immunity to diseases vaccinations (予防接種, yobou sesshu) prevent onset and reduce the severity of symptoms.
Furthermore, vaccines are not only important for the immunity of individuals, but also help to prevent the spread of infection. Please consult with your regular doctor and vaccinate your child. It is necessary to reserve vaccinations in advance.
For more information about medical facilities in Yasu which give vaccinations please contact YIFA (TEL: 586-3106).

If your child has not had either of the following vaccinations, please check the target period and receive the vaccine as soon as possible.

➀MR (Measles/ Rubella) Vaccine  (Second Period)

Age group:        Children in the year prior to beginning elementary school (one injection)

Fee:                   Free before March 31st
➁Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine (First Period / Second Period)

Age group: First period/ 6 months old~7th birthday

Second period/ 9 years old~13th birthday (four injections in total)

Fee: Free before March 31st.

Information for Foreign Residents
February, 2020

Declaration of city prefectural tax and tax return

- If you are bound to declare your city prefectural tax (shiken minzei, 市県民税) or your income tax is to be returned to you, please declare your taxes within the period 17/02-16/03.

- The city tax division will hold consultations at community centres throughout the declaration period.

- Consultations will not be held at the reception of the tax division, but completed applications will be taken.

If you have to submit a declaration, or if you require more information about dates and locations of consultations, please contact YIFA (TEL: 586-3106).


Currently accepting applications for city-managed housing

Number of homes: 8 (Scheduled moving-in date at end of April)

Application Period: 03/02 (Monday)~14/02 (Friday) 8:30 a.m~17:00 (Not including weekends)

Applications: Housing Division (TEL587-6322)

For more information about the housing or the application criteria, please contact YIFA (TEL: 586-3106)



Information regarding applications for the 2020 support fund for school-going children

For families of children having difficulty attending elementary or junior high schools due to financial difficulty, there is a system in place to pay for part of schools supplies or lunch.

Application procedure: Application forms can be found at schools or the School Education Division of the city hall. Complete them and submit them with any necessary documents at the school your child attends (or will attend) by March 13th (Friday). (The deadline for children entering elementary school this year is April 13th).
Inquiries: School Education Division (TEL: 587-6017, FAX: 587-3835)
If you need any help with the application, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL: 586-3106)

Financial support for hospital treatment of elementary and junior high school students

To lessen the burden of high costs of hospital treatment of elementary and junior high school students, a subsidy will be given.

Amount of subsidy: The subsidy will cover treatment covered by insurance to the amount paid out of pocket. It will exclude large expenses or supplementary benefits.

Method of subsidy: The system is to reimburse the fee paid at a medical institution at a later date.

Application procedure: You can apply from the day following the payment of your contribution to the treatment up to within five years of that date. Please apply at the Health and Pension Division at the city hall. You must bring the receipt (showing the name of who received the treatment and the amount of medical treatment), your inkan stamp, the health insurance card, a document which has your bank account information, notification of the decision to pay high-cost medical expenses (kougaku iryouhi shikyuu kettei tuuchisho, 高額療養費支給決定通知書) (those who have received payment from the national health insurance system), notification of the decision to pay additional benefits (fukakyuufukin shikyuu kettei tsuuchisho, 附加給付金支給決定通知書) (those who have received payment from a health insurance organisation).

For any help with the application procedure, please contact YIFA (TEL: 586-3106)


Payment of child maintenance

The February payment (covering the period October 2019-January 2020) is scheduled to be paid on February 14th (Friday).

Information for Foreign Residents
January, 2020


Information Regarding the Dates of Tax Return Consultations  

It is almost time to file tax returns, and everybody must correctly calculate their income

and tax payments for the past year by themselves.

In order to file your return correctly, please start the process early.

At various facilities across the city, the tax division will be holding consultations between

February 16th (Monday) and March 16th (Monday). Further information regarding the

locations and dates will be published in the February issue of Koho Yasu.


Information about the National Health Insurance System for Financial Support of Health Examinations

If you take the ningen dokku (人間ドック) or nou dokku (脳ドック) health examinations for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, you can have a part of the fee reimbursed.
For more details or any help with the procedure, please contact YIFA (TEL586-3106).


Information Regarding the Payment of the Child Maintenance Grant

The January period (covering November-December 2019) for the child maintenance grant will be paid on January 10th.


Information Regarding Support Fund for Single-Parent Families with School-Going Children

Among children who are graduating junior high school in March of 2020, or children who are entering elementary school or junior high school in April 2020, a support fund is paid to single-parent families who meet certain conditions.

Application Window: January 15th (Wed)~March 13th (Friday) 8:30 a.m~5:15 p.m (not including weekends or national holidays)

Amount: (per each child)         Entering Elementary School: 5,000 yen
                                                       Entering Junior High School: 10,000 yen
                                                       Graduating Junior High School: 15,000 yen
For details regarding conditions, where to apply, or documents needed for application, please contact YIFA (TEL586-3106).


Payment of School Supplies for Children Entering School

There is financial support for school supplies for children of families living in Yasu who will enter school this year, and whose family is deemed to have trouble preparing for the start of the school year due to financial difficulties. Payment for the necessary school supplies will be made in March, before the school year starts.

Please apply to the School Education Division (TEL587-6017, FAX587-3835) by February 14th (Friday). Necessary documents for application are as follows:

- inkan stamp

- a document which shows your bank account details

- in the case that you are exempt from paying tax or pension, evidence to this effect.

- in the case that you are renting accommodation, evidence showing the cost of your rent.

For any more information, or help with making the application, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL586-3106).